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March 16, 2017 Travers Geoffray

Highway Kings: Behind the Album


I want to take you out West...

I want to take you out West. Past endless carpets of sand and towers of stone. To the brink of the continent. To the East. Among the prairies. The barns of black and burgundy.

Let’s press our ears against the silence of the empty air. Up North. Beyond the realm of the Hyperboreans. South. Through the fields of cotton and corn. To the relics that bear the tragedy of our past; the portents of our future.

Let's explore the darkest corners of our minds. Let’s escape the ordinary. Surrender to the highway.

Persist with the heart of a pilgrim. Let’s scream the songs of the radio out the window of the car like a prophet to the wind and the birds. Using only our fingers, let’s make the stars disappear and reappear like the belly of a firefly. Existing only in the moments ephemeral.

Let’s cross all borders. To another language. To another time. Another space. Following no one.

Let’s rule over the view that lies ahead and sit on a throne of metal and gasoline and wear the crowns of highway kings.

I want this to be yours. This is the world that inspired me when writing Highway Kings. The stories and themes of Highway Kings come from my imagination of endless journey.

Whether in your car or at home on your stereo, I hope this album takes you somewhere. Maybe somewhere you dream of in your mind as you’re falling asleep or maybe even somewhere you wish you had never been.

The wait is over! Highway Kings is here.

Well, it's pulling into the station. The record will be released and delivered on Wednesday, April 12. But for the next couple of weeks, you can purchase the first copies on CD, Vinyl, and Digital format directly on my website. There, you can also preview all of the tracks on the album. I sincerely hope you enjoy this record, thank you for listening.


P.S. For the vinyl aficionados, the record weighs 180 grams and the audio was specifically mastered for vinyl. The digital and CD contain separate masters. 

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