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May 16, 2017 Travers Geoffray

"Wake": Behind the Song



Remember the scene in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest...

...when Chief Bromden lifts the hydrotherapy cart and throws it out the window to escape? That image kept coming to mind when writing “Wake”.

Imagine if you really could only see the world in black and white and distorted greys.

And then one day you woke up to world in full color. Imagine if you could see the world in completely new perspective. Sometimes this phenomenon happens in the form of an epiphany. But can we ourselves open up our eyes to a new world?

Many of our beliefs and ideologies, the religious, the political, the ethical simply come from our parents, the town we grew up in, our schooling, etc. Who we are and the way we think are almost entirely coincidental and seemingly predetermined before we are even born.

Can we unlearn the things we have learned?

Can we reverse engineer our upbringing? Determine which pieces are actually us and which are merely parts of the construct of our environment and community?

Imagine waking up and walking out into a world where you could start completely fresh on your own. Complete free will. What would you do?


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