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June 20, 2017 Travers Geoffray

Why I Bring My Piano


An "egg" at McDonald's is not the same as an egg straight from the coop.

Nothing beats the real thing.

I now perform with my upright piano. No keyboards.

My father used to say (still does), "do it right, or don't do it." When I was a kid, the choice was obvious: don't do it. As an adult, still obvious: do it right.

The culture of convenience fooled me. The words of my father set me straight.

I performed in Athens, Georgia last April. Scheduled to play outdoors, but nature scheduled rain. The folks at the venue kindly moved me and the band to a bar across the street. After the set, an older gentleman asked, with a hint of hostility, "you brought that all the way here? To this place?"

"Yup." I replied plainly.

The gig is the gig, where ever you are. You put your name on your work.

Is moving the piano difficult? Damn straight. So is learning how to play. Been doing that for over twenty years and just starting to get the hang of that.

Things worth doing rarely arrive with convenience. And often require gumption.

I am not interested in serving you egg substitute. don't want to eat egg subsitute. So I'll get up a little earlier in the morning so we can have a better breakfast together.